Rovio Entertainment Corp.: Angry Birds Journey now available worldwide!


Angry Birds Journey now available worldwide!

Rovio releases its first slingshot game in 7 years. Angry Birds Journey is now on app stores everywhere.

After a successful soft launch in select regions Angry Birds Journey is today released and available in app stores everywhere. During the birds’ twelve year timeline, the franchise has seen the Angry Birds characters expand into various game genres, but Angry Birds Journey puts the birds back in their famous slingshot for a puzzle game with the slingshot at its heart.

Reworked and streamlined, Angry Birds Journey is undoubtedly a modern Angry Birds experience, a perfect casual puzzle game to pick up and play any time. Accessible and fun, the game holds a juicy story and a rich game world for players to explore. True to its name, Angry Birds Journey takes the birds on an adventure to the far reaches of their world in search of mysterious egg-shaped artifacts known as the Egg Wonders. The flock must discover and activate these powerful items before the piggies get to them.

All the Angry Birds games have delightful destruction at their core, but the slingshot is a fan favourite. CEO Alex Pelletier-Normand has this to say, “The love for the original slingshot gameplay is still strong after 12 years. Today, with the global launch of Angry Birds Journey, we’re happy to present to players an all-new Angry Birds experience that puts the slingshot at center stage. Although much different from the classic games in it’s updated and streamlined gameplay, Angry Birds Journey is filled with the same satisfying gameplay and the same iconic characters that have defined the Angry Birds games over the years. We believe Angry Birds Journey has something to love for long-time Angry Birds fans, but is also more accessible and thus a great entry point for those who have never experienced the classic slingshot games.”

There is a big year ahead for the Angry Birds. Their first long-form animated series (Angry Birds: Summer Madness) lands on Netflix later this month, and a remake of the original Angry Birds game is in the works. In addition, fans can expect brand partnerships, and plenty of events and updates to their favorite games. 

Angry Birds Journey is available from the App Store and Google Play. As a special bonus to early birds, players who join in the first week will receive a bundle of in-game goodies to help them get started on the journey.

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