lockrMail Announces Open Beta For First-Of-Its-Kind Email Productivity Technology


New productivity tool gives users advanced control with an automated filtering system to determine what, how and where emails are delivered while protecting user identity

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- lockrMail, an email management technology platform, announced the launch of the open beta, providing open access to the company’s proprietary pre-filtering technology to improve inbox efficiency and a unique and secure email address for confident and private open-web browsing. With a previous waitlist of thousands of prospective users, the platform will now grant early access to lockrMail's free email productivity technology and enable users to curate which emails they wish to receive and maximize the benefit of email on their own terms.

“As businesses scramble to connect with customers, it has become standard practice to require a user’s email address at nearly every point of the buying journey, i.e. the point of sale, rewards programs, or simply viewing the website. This added emphasis on email registration results in an absurd amount of unwanted marketing emails,” said Keith Petri, Founder and CEO of lockrMail. “lockrMail provides an added layer of protection where adblockers and browser filters have previously failed. Consumers can better engage and interact with the open web without sharing personal email information.”

lockrMail’s email management technology platform provides an advanced productivity tool that is complementary to existing email inboxes. The tool acts as a pre-filter allowing users to curate which emails they wish to receive from brands and services, to any and all inboxes, via lockrMail’s proprietary pre-filtering technology.

This holiday season, consumers will be more inundated than ever with deals and marketing emails. Over 317 million marketing emails are planned just in the days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. In the past 30 days, closed beta users have blocked or filtered nearly 25% of their emails, saving time and allowing them to focus on the emails that matter.

Current email management programs are limited to only allowing or blocking emails, without any customization or flexibility. lockrMail enables users to filter unwanted brand marketing emails while allowing relevant deals, purchase and shipping confirmation details.

During the closed beta, users were blown away by lockrMail and the platform’s ability to increase both productivity and privacy. lockrMail users shared their experience on varying social media platforms and the company’s Wall of Love, which includes comments such as:

  • “lockrMail is such an innovative concept. You create safe and approved lists for all your email senders. I've been using it for a few months now and the amount of spam in my personal folders has dropped to zero. Kudos to the team for a very creative solution.” - Amit P
  • “I have been using [lockrMail] for a month now and I am blown over by the product. It is a privacy-focused email product with lots of cool features. The product is very intuitive and super useful!” - Stanley H.
  • “Been using it for a couple of months now, helps keep my always buzzing inbox a little more clutter free. Also a huge relief on the privacy front.” - Yash S.

Anyone interested in using the lockrMail beta version can now register at

About lockr
lockr is the first consumer-focused platform for personal identity, consent and data. lockr’s suite of personal productivity tools flips the power dynamic and gives the user full control over their digital identity. lockr’s flagship product, lockrMail, acts as a pre-filter for the email inbox, keeping identities private and secure.

Neil Davies