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The #HONORMagic5 Pro captures a record-breaking moment with its AI technology #UnleashThePowerofMagic #MWC23

HONOR’s upcoming Magic5 Pro AI Captures Record-Breaking Moment in Guinness World of Records


HONOR unleashes again its power of magic with its latest flagship phone’s AI camera capabilities

HONOR has partnered with Guinness World Record to showcase and give a preview of the brand-new camera of the HONOR Magic5 Pro, which will be launched at MWC 2023 on the 27th of February, with a basketball player, who’s attempted to break a world record.

One is taken by the AI camera of HONOR Magic5 Pro, showing the best moment of sport movement, and the other photo is the behind the scene, to show how HONOR Magic5 Pro captured the best moment.  

Guinness World Record social: https://twitter.com/GWR/status/1625072505432965120

HONOR social: https://twitter.com/Honorglobal/status/1625073796708470784 

The official global launch of the HONOR Magic5 Pro will be at MWC 2023 on February 27th, 8:30pm (Philippine time).  Watch the live launch here:https://goo.su/n8r 

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