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FEU invites students to be part of the next generation of tech-ready innovators


The FEU Tech Group of Schools has long prioritized getting students ready for the next generation of tech-based, innovation-ready jobs. The educational institution has consistently partnered with startups, upgraded its course offerings, and given its students access to the latest in education technology. The institution even has a tech-focused campus called FEU Tech, which was established in 1992 to answer the growing demand for engineers and technologists in the country. 

As the world becomes increasingly digitized and competition for jobs in the tech sector heats up, FEU is happy to invite students to consider studying at the school. 

To that end, FEU Tech is excited to share that students taking up a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Information Technology will now have the chance to specialize in increasingly relevant tech-related fields. Specifically, the school now offers a Bachelor of Computer Science with a specialization in Data Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Innovation and Business or Business Analytics.

Students interested in taking any of these specializations are invited to take the FEU On-Campus College Admissions Test (OCAT). 

The FEU OCAT exams match the current curriculums of their respective campuses and consist of 4 categories which are Verbal Ability, Science Proficiency, Numerical Ability, and Abstract Reasoning. The contents of the exam are reviewed each year and are amended to keep the exam as relevant as possible. 

According to FEU Tech Senior Executive Director Dr. Benson Tan, students who choose to take up any of these new three specializations are guaranteed an education that makes them competitive in tomorrow’s job market. “We’ve studied industry trends such as the rising demand for data analytics professionals and amended our course offerings accordingly,” explained Dr. Tan. “This helps ensure not only that our graduates are easily able to find employment when they graduate, but also that we’ve done our share in helping keep the nation’s talent pool competitive.”

Students taking up a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology must choose a specialization before enrolling, but every degree program has the same number of terms to finish (12 trimesters).

A core part of the curriculum in these programs is ensuring that students hold core competencies. For example, a student taking up a Bachelor of Computer Science with a specialization in Data Science must learn skills like programming, data visualization, software engineering, and more. Every student must complete exams certifying their competence in these areas before graduating. 

It’s also important that students hold an array of industry-recognized certifications even before they graduate. This accomplishes two things at once: students will be able to put a credential on their resume to stand out while FEU Tech can assess if its students’ skills are at par with the demands of the industry. 

Yet the three new specializations offered by FEU Tech also emphasize soft skills. These specializations have courses or subjects where soft skills like leadership and project management are manifested by the students.  These courses include project-based courses, as well as, team-based courses, wherein, they are grouped as a team, and tasked to work on a project until its completion. 

The ultimate measure of these soft skills is seen in their Internship courses, a full 7-month industry or work immersion program, where students exhibit both technical and soft skills.

By emphasizing both technical and soft skills, FEU Tech offers a holistic education in all its degree programs. It is a strategy designed to guarantee lessons stick with students even well after they graduate. 

“Given that innovation is such an integral part of education at FEU Tech, we want to equip students with the lifelong skills that will also enable them to become entrepreneurs if they want to,” explained Dr. Tan. “After all, we believe there’s no reason why the next Facebook or Apple shouldn’t come from a Filipino student.”

Students interested in taking the FEU OCAT exam for FEU Tech can sign up here: https://forms.gle/S1TWbfKT4gwM5fbc8 


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