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Liverpool Accent


The most important aspect of the Scouse accent to get right is making sure that you speak in a higher pitch than your natural placement. When Liverpudlians are speaking, it’s this high pitch of the accent combined with rising intonations (end of sentences going up) that naga4d results in the accent sounding so friendly and open up. These rising intonations have the power of keeping someone listening too, as it gives the feeling the person holds the conversational ground when ending on a high note (i’m trying to keep my language geeking out to a minimum here so apologies if i’ve gone to far!)

A view of Liverpool's iconic skyline from across the River Mersey.

So which is the sexiest accent worldwide?

Well, it will probably come as no surprise that the ‘most sensual’ accents in the world included Irish, French and Italian. The scouse accent, of course, has its origins in the accents of many different countries and counties.

Its one-time bustling port brought trade from across the world, swiftly setting the city’s accent apart from its surrounding Lancashire. Now you’ll find traces of the Scouse accent for miles and miles outside of the city centre.

Apparently, people weren’t too into Australian accents, nor were they keen on Welsh, German, American and Scottish accents. We’re not too bothered about that though, sorry guys because Scousers have one of the sexiest accents in the UK!

The Liverpool accent came in third place, behind Manchester, which came first (what?) and Ireland, by which, they presumably mean Northern Ireland.

According to the report, over 50% of those who answered said that the Manchester accent was the sexiest. It was also lauded as the most trustworthy!

Whilst we don’t agree that Manchester accents are sexier than Scouse, we do appreciate the love for the North. There were 2,500 participants in this survey and, of course, the North triumphed.

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